And all you see is where else you could be

I got into Design I! I am so happy, even though it sounds like that class is going to kick my butt. But Computer Graphics I and Visual Communication II are going to be easy. And hopefully so will Creativity: The Art of Possibility. But I might have to drop that if I can't drop my Math class. Which apparently is not very easy to drop. But I was informed that if I cry and use big words to the Math Dept. head lady, then she'll probably let me drop it.

I hope so.

In other news, I have a really annoying cold (still) and so I'm drinking raspberry tea. Which I really like. But I don't like the motives I have to drink it.

I hung out with Liz and McTwigans tonight, and met her roomates Kate and Sarah. They're really nice. We watched "Big Trouble", which I hadn't seen in forever. I forgot how hilarous it is. Especially the goats. And Martha Stewart. (You'll just have to watch it, now won't you?)


Can you still feel the butterflies?

[written Monday]

Orientation started today. I have good classes, which is awesome. I need to add Design I, but I'm ferst on the waiting list, so we'll see. I'll post my final schedule when I get it. One more day until classes start! I'm so excited.

Tallahassee was a great deal of fun. I saw Justin Hancock, Brittany from Crescent Beach, Lauren R. from Liberty (and her fiancee Paul), plus Dan and also a bunch of Graceville kids. It wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be, but it was still pretty packed. The show was great, and I realy enjoyed Jimmy Eat World's set. They did evrything I wanted to hear except "Authority Song", but I wasn't really expecting them to because it's older.

Caleb and I watched "Four Feathers" after the show, which was better than I thought it would be. Heath Ledger is hot. Sorry, but it's true. We slept in on Sunday and went to Target and the mall. It was so nice being with him again.

I left Tallahassee around 2pm, and other than some intermitant rain, it wasn't a bad drive. I got to Flagler in time to get my info packet, and did everything else today. Including getting my picture id, which is probably the least-flattering id picture I've ever gotten. Oh well.


It just takes some time

So I'm at work. I really shouldn't be doing this right now, but it is DEAD slow and I've been really bored. Happy Gilmore is on TV, but I've already seen it so I'm just paying attention at the good parts.

We're sold out tomorrow night at the hotel--all the freshman parents for Flagler are coming in. We've even had a few come in tonight. It's so wierd, being a transfer. I don't really have any of the same feelings that I did when I was a freshman, except for maybe excitement. I'm not really nervous about having to meet new people...I just hope I don't get mistaken for a freshman eighty million times. Not that there's anything wrong with being a freshman, but...you know. I've already put in 3 years. I'm ready to move on.

I went to the beach today. The ocean was like a washing machine--waves churning all over the place, foaming up like crazy. I barely got in more than waist deep before it started dragging me down the shore. I hope it's better tomorrow, since it will be my last free day before school starts.

I can't wait to go to Tallahassee on Saturday. It will be so good to see Caleb again. And that whole Jimmy Eat World thing won't be so bad either. ;)


One more thing

This is just to say--I was looking at some of my archives, and dang. How did I have so much time on my hands? I need to work on putting a little more effort into these entries, they used to be better (or at least I thought so). I guess that's the price you pay for life.

Music = $

1 day, 21 hours till I see Caleb (not to mention Jimmy Eat World! Woo hoo!). Ok, there's my schmoopy moment for the day.

I'm going to Turtles music to sell them some cds: Scissor Sisters, The Ravonettes, and Dido. I almost feel like I'm duping them, becuase I have all of the cds burnt on my mac and on my iPod. And I don't really listen to them all that much. Hopefully I'll get enough money to buy a Shins cd (I want both, but I'll settle for one).

I watched the american version of The Office (Season 1) last night. It was funny, but as much as I like Steve Carell, I still have to say that the BBC version is better. More real, more awkward, and the boss is just so much better. It's much more painful to watch, but in the best sort of way.

I'm in love with Cut x Paste. I want to buy everything on there. It's not good, definitely not good. Before I decided I was going to buy a bike, I was about to spend all the money from my returned iSight on cute/funky handmade stuff. I still might. Someday.


Root Beer Floats

So I rode my bike downtown again today. It takes exactly 12 and a half minutes to get from my front door to Flagler (15 to get from here to the art department). This makes me happy, since it means that bike riding will be a wonderful mode of transportation for classes.

I decided to stop at Holly's Diner on my way back to get a root beer float. It was divine, as only root beer floats can be. I even got extra root beer when I was running low.

As I was unlocking my bike on the way out, I fell into conversation with a guy named Dean, the owner of Wiggy Records. He has two artists signed so far; he showed me a cd that looked very well-done. Turns out he's been looking for someone to do the website, and I gave him my url to check out my portfolio (even though it's sorely in need of updating--though I did add a few things today). It'd be fun to to a record label website, although I'm definitely busy as it is. But you know me. One more minute is all I need...



I got a bike!

And I like it a LOT.



I'll settle down with some old story

I had today off. So I went to a bunch of antique stores. St. Augustine has quite a few, and I bought a pretty blue beaded necklace and a cigar box to keep Caleb's letters in.

I also rode my bike downtown to Flavors Eatery and got a really big smoothie. No kidding, this thing was ginormous. But it tasted really good after the bike ride there. My bike is too old, I need to get a new one. Luckily (and also not luckily) I have an extra hundred bucks coming back to me, becuase Caleb informed me yesterday that because of the firewall in his dorm, he won't be able to use an iSight. Which means that my iSight is pretty much pointless. So I'm going to drive to Jacksonville tomorrow and return it. I wish St. John's Town Center wasn't 1/2 an hour away. I also wish gas was cheaper.

I went to the beach after I got back from town. The waves were pretty flat, but I bobbed up and down in them for awhile and then read more of "Through Painted Deserts" by Don Miller and took a nap.

Now Philip and I are going to eat italian food. And I'm very excited about that.

One more week till Orientation!


The Corporation

I just finished watching The Corporation, a movie that one a number of awards at the Toronto Film Festival. It looked interesting when I saw it on NetFlix, and wow. It most definitely was.

It made me more fervent in my decision to not shop at Walmart anymore, even if it's cheaper. I know I'm only one person, and they might never notice the difference, but I will feel better knowing that I"m not giving them any support at all. Plus I hate shopping there anyway, so it's not purely altruistic (most things aren't these days).

Anyway, if you get the chance to, please watch it. It's a really good movie besides the fact that it's thought provoking. I also reccomend the book No Logo by Naomi Klein. I read half of it at Barnes and Noble yesterday.

I kindof like this whole "having free time" thing. But it won't be here for long, I know that.


The Boys are Back in Town

(Well, the other town--Graceville, that is.) Yep, Caleb and Luke are gone and settled into their dorms. I drove with Caleb to Lake City on Tuesday, and enjoyed some much needed hanging-outage with EbandAllison, ShannonandCameron, DavidandNina and Ray. Caleb and I ate at The Gathering for the last time (for awhile, anyway), and it was really good.

It was really nice seeing everybody and walking around Walmart till all hours of the nigth. Ray and Eb and I brainstormed about website stuff, which was fun (especially trying to explain certain things to Eb).

Caleb leaving was kinda rough. I did okay, I'm pretty proud of myself--I barely even cried. It helped being able to hang out with people for the next day and a half. But still, sad day.

Eb had bible study at his house with some of the people from him and Allison's church, and it was really awesome. We talked about "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller. Awesome book, I'm on chapter seven now and I can't wait to finish it. It makes me rethink a lot of things (our discussion that night did to), like why I do things, why churches do things, and how God needs to be treated as more than just a religion. Which, of course, I know, but just the way that we talked about it was so good. I will probably write more about it later, but suffice to say it was awesome.

Now I'm back in St. Augustine--I've been working for the past few days. Phil and Josh and I went to Jax on Friday, and I got my iSight from the Apple store. It works perfectly and I'm so excited--I can't wait for Caleb to get his. I also got Caleb part 2 of his birthday present (I got him running shoes before he left) and I think he's gonna like it.

I really wish school would hurry up and start. I can't wait to actually have friends in this area. Dang. That will be nice...

I have to work at 3, so I'm going to go make some lunch and then read for a bit. So until later....


Sneakers or Flip Flops?

Today feels like it's set on Shuffle. I covered a shift and worked 9 to 11 this morning, now I'm home and just finished taking a shower and eating lunch. My lunch rocked, by the way--roast beef and swiss cheese roll-ups with strawberries on the side and an ice cold glass bottle of cream soda. Oh yeah. My lunch whipped yo' lunch's...well, you know.

Anyway, I was supposed to meet with Ray and Eb around 5 to talk web stuff and band stuff (and a lot of fun other stuff that people like Ray and Eb bring to the table). However, Caleb was informed by his mom that Nanny and Poppa are making dinner for him tonight and he is going. News to us, since we were planning on making grilled chicken and nachos with Ray and Eb. Stink.

So now I'm not sure what's going on. I think Caleb and I are going to have to go to Elkton to eat with the grandparents, and we'll either meet with Ray and Eb later tonight or tomorrow. I'm really bummed though, I was excited about tonight and hanging out with them.

Hey Shannon? If you're reading this, call me. I'm pretty sure we're still friends, but we are in dire need of some phone catch-up. And Cameron, if you're reading this, stop hoggin all the Shannon in the world. Oh, who am I kidding, I still think you guys are cuter than the first day of school. But really, shan, call me.

"More" by Tonic just came on my iTunes and wow. I forgot how good this song is. That's what I love about shuffle on iTunes (although when it's my day, sometimes it just makes things messy).

Off for more Shufflin' around!


You Know It

Well, check it out:

I did it. Didn't think I would, did you? And you know, it didn't even hurt!