I'm getting married!

Well, I've actually been posting a bit over the past month, believe it or not. Only I was using the "Dashboard Blogger" widget. Which, for some strange reason, was...not working. Yeah. So none of my three entries were posted--they were just shot out into the vast universe of the internet, ones and zeros that mean nothing. So sad.

So, let me start again. The most important thing: I'm getting married. Hooray! The day before Thanksgiving, Caleb asked me to marry him. And of course (of course!) I said yes. Since I've been asked by a couple of people how it happened, here's a brief account:

I was kinda thinking he would ask me on Thanksgiving, just because it would be great timing, and we'd be able to go tell his whole family and everything. But I think he realized I was suspecting it. So he decided to trick me. I was working Wednesday night and he was supposed to come over and eat dinner with me. No big deal, pretty normal stuff. He came around 7:30 and popped around the corner of the office with half a dozen coral colored roses, a mint oreo dream bar from starbucks, and a jones cream soda (all things that I looooove). I was startled: "What is this for?" He said, "Well...I really wanted to propose to you tomorrow...but I'm not going to be able to. And so I just wanted to bring you some things to make you happy anyways." He'd just gotten a speeding ticket recently, so I figured he hadn't been able to get the ring or something. He'd also kinda vaguely dropped comments recently that made me think he might not ask me till after Christmas, so I was hoping it wouldn't take that long, but thinking he might wait until the semester was over. I was a little let down, because I'd really been hoping that he would ask me that weekend, but I tried not to show it and I enjoyed my brownie and cream soda and gorgeous flowers. He helped me with dinner and closing up at work, and after I got done he suggested that we go for a walk.

I'll preface this by saying that St. Augustine does this thing called "Nights of Lights" where they light up the entire downtown with gold twinkle lights from November to January. We went to the big opening for it where they turned them all on, but it was really crowded and we were with a bunch of people and left right after. We've also been pretty busy lately and haven't really been able to go look at them since them. He told me that he'd seen them when he was on his way to my work and thought that it would be fun to go look at them and take some pictures. Of course, as fate would have it, I didn't have my digital camera. But I did have my old-school Canon Rebel, and it even had some film in it (luckily enough). So we walked down to the Lightner Museum, which was beautiful. The entire courtyard was lit up, and he (cheesily enough, he later admitted) said "Hey I need a new MySpace picture...will you take one for me?" So he went and stood underneath a large statue of Ponce de Leon, and I backed up a few dozen yards with my camera and took a picture. "Take another one!" he yelled, still standing under the statue. I did, and when I looked up (I couldn't see through the lense very well) he had his arm stretched out, with something small and white in it. I didn't know what it was at first, and asked, "What's in your hand?" And he said, "Well, come here!" When I was a few steps away from him, I realized that it was a ring box, and I started smiling really big. He started to ask me, and I had to remind him to get down on one knee (hehe) So he got on both knees, and asked me to marry him, and I said yes and cried and grinned like an idiot.

And now we're finally getting married! :)