Okay. So. I'm taking a bit of a sabatical from my journal and my website. I know I pretty much already have since the last time I posted was October 17th, but it's probably going to be awhile before I have things up and running again. I've been busy with the trip to NYC (which was awesome), two Gunsmoke Dialogue shows (which went off really well), a website that I'm working on (or more like, web project...which has been giving me a lot of frustrations), friends from Florida coming to visit (which was also awesome) and lots and lots of homework/work/other random stuff.

My head has been all but spinning as of late.

So this will probably be my last post until I re-design again...and that probably won't happen until winter break. So I apologize, but not that much. Life is busy. That's the good thing about life--it's there, all the time. And right now I'm a (way too) active participant in it. So until things slow down, sayonara. Enjoy your life too.