Yoga and Fast Typing

Today was my first yoga class of the semester. I didn't think we were actually going to do yoga (since it was the first class), but we did. Half of us in jeans, half in typical yoga attire. It was fun, and while breathing deeply is a bit harder when you're wearing jean, I managed to be pretty relaxed. I'm really looking forward to lengthening and stretching and centering and all that other peaceful/healthy stuff that ends in -ing. One sign that this is good for me is that upon coming home (I have a 2 hour break before illustration), I actually want to be productive instead of taking a nap. Shocking.

Caleb is on his way over...I think we might take a walk or go sit by the water while he eats lunch. Have I mentioned how glad I am that he's back for good? It's so nice. The long distance thing wasn't too bad, and I know that we accomplished a lot while we were apart, but it's good to be Team Crystal-Caleb again. Only better, because soon we'll be Team Jones! :)

[Endnote: I got the Pinwheel of Death right after I finished typing that, so I quickly did apple+shift+4 and took a screen shot, then retyped it from the picture after reopening Safari. I tried typing as quickly as I could, and I'm pretty sure I did both those paragraphs at about 120wpm, with only one mistake. Maybe I should start capitalizing on my typing skillz, cuz they're definitely getting better.]


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