Boatin' in the Moonlight

So I definitely just rode around in the Intracoastal Waterway in a tiny boat with six other people. It was basiclly the best thing ever.

Here's the story: I'm getting ready for bed when I hear a soft knock on my door (the one that leads to the kitchen). I answered it, a little wierded out, but it was only Jessamyn. She was looking for a flashlight and was afraid she'd scared me becuase she was making noise in the normally quiet kitchen at the inn. I hadn't even heard her, but I actually had a flashlight. She said that they were going out for a night boat ride in the new boat she'd gotten Ryan for his birthday, and would I like to go along? Well of course!

Which is how I ended up climbing into a boat that was a little bigger than a canoe and had a tiny engine. It actually ran great, and although the edges of the boat were about five inches from the water, it was an excellent ride. There was an almost full moon, six other fun people, and a good time to be had by all. The end!


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