Birthdays and beautiful things

Recently I've stumbled on a whole crop of new design blogs that I am utterly in love with. There are too many to list, but most of them are ladies a few years older than me, in cities bigger than St. Augustine, and they post oodles (yes, oodles) of photos and links of design trends. Frankly, it's quite inspiring. Overwhelming, even.


It really makes me rethink a lot of my design goals, becuase I've kind of shyed away from things that are "girly." Not that this stuff is only that, because it is beautiful design, but lately I've just come to like more and more things that are pretty. I guess I've just been inspired in a different way than before.

I went to the beach today with Caleb. Finally! (I've had to work every time it's ben really nice.) Tomorrow I work a double shift (7am to 9pm, yuck). But my birthday is almost here, and I'm really excited about being 22. The sad thing about getting older is that most of your friends get scattered around, so having a birthday party becomes less and less doable. I've always wanted a suprise party, but it's just never happened and it's one of those things I've kind of accepted never will. It would be cool, sure, just not extremely possible. Maybe when I'm 40 I can have a giant party and invite all of my friends from everywhere, and their families. Now that would be fun.

It's raining, so I am off to sleep and enjoy the sound of rain on the roof. Lovely.



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