Fresh Produce Rocks my Socks

Yesterday I went to the wonderful produce place on US-1 that I found a few weeks back, and for $12, I got:

two ears of corn
three potatoes
four apples
a Plantain
a head of Lettuce
a bag of Mixed Greens
a Tomato
a Bell Pepper
a lemon
a bunch of bananas

Basically, my produce place rocks. AND all the produce is fresh from local farmers. I plan on having corn on the cob with baked Tilapia on Friday before Caleb and I go to see Jamie Cullum (which I am super excited about).

I currently have two Weather Watches open on my Widgets right now (that's a lot of W's). One for St. Aug, and one for Sandusky, Ohio. Becuase on Friday, the 19th, Caleb and my brother and Courtney and myself are planning on going to Cedar Point. And I don't want it to rain. Therefore, by watching the weather, I feel like I have some small, minute control in the situation (or maybe I can just focus my prayers better?).

Finally, I got the new Yeah Yeah Yeah's album, Show Your Bones. It's good. Karen O does not disappoint.


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