Skies above can't be stormy / since that moment of bliss...

So last night I had a Real Good Time. I went with Erin to the Monday Night Marathon, a big dance party that a group of Flagler kids started having every Monday at Club Fusion. It was so much fun--I had no idea how enjoyable dancing was! It was also nice because everyone was being silly and they played good music, and there weren't any scary club skanks or manwhores. Whew. So I'm pretty much going to do that every Monday night from now on.

In other news, I'm registered for my fall classes:
Drawing II
Graphic Design II
Visual Communication I
Art History I

14 credits, should be good. I'm hoping that I'll have plenty of time to dedicate to drawing and graphic design.

Now I'm going to grill some salmon. Ciao.


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