Ooh la la

I am so tired right now. I think I got too much sleep last night (it doesn't seem possible). I started pouring my molds today for my sculpture clasas and I almost fell asleep on top of my bucket of plaster. Not good.

In other news, I started my garden today. Philip and Josh helped me dig up the land, and I piled up some nasty roots and leaves for a compost pile. This weekend I'm going to try and buy some seeds and start planting. I'm thinking I'll do the basic vegetables (potatos, lettuce, tomatos, peas, carrots, peppers) and some herbs (dill weed, lavender, rosemary, peppermint, and parsley), plus a few flowers thrown in for good measure. Since it's just me, i don't need too many of each kind, so that gives me more freedom to pick and choose a bunch of different types.

I really want a smoothie.


Anonymous Shannon said...

hello...a tomato tip...put some stakes in the ground for them to climb, 'specially if you're working with a smaller space. :)

2:21 PM  

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