Into the weekend we go!

Well, I have to go give my modem back to the cable company, or they're going to keep billing me. And the wireless over here isn't set up all the way. So this might be the start of an inadvertant internet fast. Hopefully not, becuase I have two big projects to work on, but I guess there are worse things that could happen.

The Good: Caleb and I are going to see the Jax Symphony Orchestra do Led Zepplin. And possibly hang out with AllisonandEb at the JMOMA. A good pre-Valentine's weekend it will be.

The Bad: I have an information design project due on Monday that I can pretty much guarentee I won't be working on at all this weekend.

The Ugly: Registration for summer classes starts in a week, and I really don't know where the money for Visual Communications I and Computer Illustration will come from. God, hopefully.


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