There is nothing left of my nerves

So apparently my blogger widget isn't working. Becuase I've actually written two posts and it said that I posted them, but according to my site, they aren't there. Sad.

I'm still around, although I've been getting to know the tables at the Design Studio a lot better lately. I also think I'll throw up if I have to mix any more colors. I promise I'll post some photos soon of some of my assignments, but right now I am still in the middle of the assignment part. So it will have to wait.

I'm still looking for a roomate/place to live for the spring semester. Let me know if you or anyone you know might be interested!

Finally, here is my class schedule for Spring 06:

Art History III
Computer Graphics II
Math for Liberal Arts II
Design II
Graphic Design I

Lots of I's and II's. (but not enough r&r)


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