It was a beautiful letdown

So Tropical Storm Tammy is now all up onz. And I lost my umbrella last week. So I guess I will be heading to Target to get a new one later this afternoon. After I've been soaked through a couple of times. I just hope my yard doesn't flood, becuase then I'll be living in Swampland, and the number of mosquitos will multiply exponentially. Along with the number of mosquito bites.

One great thing for the day, however--I got an 82 on my first Design project!!! I am so happy. I actually would have had an 87, but I got 5 points off for being late. Either way, I have a "B", which is incredible. He's a tough grader, and I was hoping just to get a "C", so this is really pretty wonderful. One downer: I have to spend another hundred bucks on art supplies for our last half of projects. I am not a fan.


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