Filtered water and pictures of you

I just spent half an hour sitting on the floor at the front desk, reading The Creative Habit for my Art 477 class. Now I'm watching the Simpsons. When it's slow, this job is pretty much as good as working at the East Campus Clubhouse. And here I can even use the internet. Now if only I could get a stool...

Only two more "final" sketches before I'm done with my first Design I project.

My favorite Simpsons quote for the night:

Marge: Whatever happened to "please" and "thank you"?
Homer: I think they killed each other--you know, one of those murder/suicide deals...

++A couple of movies that I'm really excited about: Everything is Illuminated, Thumbsucker, and Junebug. Also, Elizabethtown by Cameron Crowe looks like it will be another classic (although Almost Famous shouldn't feel threatened). Check out this interview with Crowe about the music that he's using for the film.

++So Studio 8 is out from Macromedia. But it costs $299 to get it, even from Gradware. Bleh. Why is it that Macromedia and Adobe decide to come up with updates less than a year after I buy their programs. Boo.


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