C'est si bon!

I got off of work early tonight, so I spent an hour at BN devouring Spin, Rockpile, and Print. Yum.

I'm in love with Peter Arkle lately. His illustrations are both fascinating and funny.

My first Design I project is due Monday. Two final pieces tonight, four or five tomorrow, and three or so on Sunday. Then I'll be done. I'll also probably have brain damage from all the Sharpie that I'm inhaling. But at least I'll be happy and ethereal about it.

I found this great site called Fitz Patterns that has free clothing patterns. And they're pretty cute. I think I'm going to try my hand at sewing the some shorts and a tank top. But first I need to go to a fabric store, becuase St. Augustine doesn't have any. Which is just plain sad.

Oh, and I bought the Tazo Chai concentrate from Publix for two dollars. It has already made me three delicious cups of Chai tea that tastes just as good as the Starbucks version. And I've only used half of it. This makes me quite happy.


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