Let's Hear That String Part Again...

Caleb went back to Graceville today. I was sad to see him go--this weekend was a lot of fun, and it made me really realize how much I miss having him in my everyday life. It will probably be a month before I see him again, and even typing that I can't really comprehend it. Hopefully I'll know in advance enough to request the weekend off this time--I ihad to work 3-11pm on Saturday and Sunday, which took away from the time that we could spend together.

Design I is in full force--I have 120 thumbnails due Wednesday. I've already done about 50 or so, but I need to stop for the night so I can do some reading. I think I can handle Design if I just break it up and space it out. I know that's how you're supposed to do everything, but for once I think I'll actually DO that instead of saving things for the night before. Bad idea for that class.

Listening to Sufjan Stevens' "Come on Feel the Illinoise!" again. I forgot how much I love this cd.


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