Can you still feel the butterflies?

[written Monday]

Orientation started today. I have good classes, which is awesome. I need to add Design I, but I'm ferst on the waiting list, so we'll see. I'll post my final schedule when I get it. One more day until classes start! I'm so excited.

Tallahassee was a great deal of fun. I saw Justin Hancock, Brittany from Crescent Beach, Lauren R. from Liberty (and her fiancee Paul), plus Dan and also a bunch of Graceville kids. It wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be, but it was still pretty packed. The show was great, and I realy enjoyed Jimmy Eat World's set. They did evrything I wanted to hear except "Authority Song", but I wasn't really expecting them to because it's older.

Caleb and I watched "Four Feathers" after the show, which was better than I thought it would be. Heath Ledger is hot. Sorry, but it's true. We slept in on Sunday and went to Target and the mall. It was so nice being with him again.

I left Tallahassee around 2pm, and other than some intermitant rain, it wasn't a bad drive. I got to Flagler in time to get my info packet, and did everything else today. Including getting my picture id, which is probably the least-flattering id picture I've ever gotten. Oh well.


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