I'll settle down with some old story

I had today off. So I went to a bunch of antique stores. St. Augustine has quite a few, and I bought a pretty blue beaded necklace and a cigar box to keep Caleb's letters in.

I also rode my bike downtown to Flavors Eatery and got a really big smoothie. No kidding, this thing was ginormous. But it tasted really good after the bike ride there. My bike is too old, I need to get a new one. Luckily (and also not luckily) I have an extra hundred bucks coming back to me, becuase Caleb informed me yesterday that because of the firewall in his dorm, he won't be able to use an iSight. Which means that my iSight is pretty much pointless. So I'm going to drive to Jacksonville tomorrow and return it. I wish St. John's Town Center wasn't 1/2 an hour away. I also wish gas was cheaper.

I went to the beach after I got back from town. The waves were pretty flat, but I bobbed up and down in them for awhile and then read more of "Through Painted Deserts" by Don Miller and took a nap.

Now Philip and I are going to eat italian food. And I'm very excited about that.

One more week till Orientation!


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