The Corporation

I just finished watching The Corporation, a movie that one a number of awards at the Toronto Film Festival. It looked interesting when I saw it on NetFlix, and wow. It most definitely was.

It made me more fervent in my decision to not shop at Walmart anymore, even if it's cheaper. I know I'm only one person, and they might never notice the difference, but I will feel better knowing that I"m not giving them any support at all. Plus I hate shopping there anyway, so it's not purely altruistic (most things aren't these days).

Anyway, if you get the chance to, please watch it. It's a really good movie besides the fact that it's thought provoking. I also reccomend the book No Logo by Naomi Klein. I read half of it at Barnes and Noble yesterday.

I kindof like this whole "having free time" thing. But it won't be here for long, I know that.


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