Sneakers or Flip Flops?

Today feels like it's set on Shuffle. I covered a shift and worked 9 to 11 this morning, now I'm home and just finished taking a shower and eating lunch. My lunch rocked, by the way--roast beef and swiss cheese roll-ups with strawberries on the side and an ice cold glass bottle of cream soda. Oh yeah. My lunch whipped yo' lunch's...well, you know.

Anyway, I was supposed to meet with Ray and Eb around 5 to talk web stuff and band stuff (and a lot of fun other stuff that people like Ray and Eb bring to the table). However, Caleb was informed by his mom that Nanny and Poppa are making dinner for him tonight and he is going. News to us, since we were planning on making grilled chicken and nachos with Ray and Eb. Stink.

So now I'm not sure what's going on. I think Caleb and I are going to have to go to Elkton to eat with the grandparents, and we'll either meet with Ray and Eb later tonight or tomorrow. I'm really bummed though, I was excited about tonight and hanging out with them.

Hey Shannon? If you're reading this, call me. I'm pretty sure we're still friends, but we are in dire need of some phone catch-up. And Cameron, if you're reading this, stop hoggin all the Shannon in the world. Oh, who am I kidding, I still think you guys are cuter than the first day of school. But really, shan, call me.

"More" by Tonic just came on my iTunes and wow. I forgot how good this song is. That's what I love about shuffle on iTunes (although when it's my day, sometimes it just makes things messy).

Off for more Shufflin' around!


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