(another one)

Do you ever look back and realize, "Wow, that's where I was." In a completly different place.

It's sad, becuase a few months ago I feel like I was really at a high point creatively. I was writing and drawing in my journal a lot, and I really enjoyed it. It was easy, and I painted and it was so much fun and it was good. And now...now it's like I'm in this completely different world. A lot of it has to do with being busy, and just as much has to do with my place still being a mess and all my stuff being in different boxes. Hopefully soon Ikea will change some of that. But I can't be creative in a mess. I realize that now, I need space. Space to spread out and put my paints down. Floor to walk on. I barely even have that in my room now.

I hope I can get back to that point. I know when Caleb is gone I will have way more free time than I care to have, but it will be good for me. Even so, that's when school will be starting and then who knows how crazy things will be, school and work and new people and a new church. But at least (hopefully) I will have a few art classes and I will be able to force myself to get back into the creative groove. I miss it, I really do.


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