Gotta get up from here...

Back at Nanny's house again. I'm kinda sad that this weekend is over. I had so much fun on Friday, grilling at Allison's house with, well, everybody (ninandavid, ray, luke, justin, cindy, ebandallison, shannon, nikki, justin h., caleb...). We swam in the pool with watermelons, and ate way too much of the ice cream birthday cake that nina and shannon brought for me and allison. Allison got me a really cool purse, and we all looked at old pictures and watched west side story and laughed a bunch. I love friends.

Saturday was much fun as well--we got up and drove over to Branford so we could float down the Ichetucknee. It was really nice out and the water felt so nice. We all hooked onto each others inner tubes and floated down the river in one mass of silliness. We ended the Endless Summer Extravaganza with lunch at The Gathering, before the rains came and soaked us all to the bone as we ran to our cars.

Caleb and I stayed at his house and hung out with his family instead of going to the Rino show in Jax. I would have liked to see them and keep hanging out with everyone, but it was good to see his family. We went to church at FBC of Branford this morning, and Luke grilled pork chops and chicken for our Father's Day lunch.

We drove back to St. Auggie around 5 and spent the rest of the evening putting up props and decorations at Cresent Beach for this week's VBS.

I'm tired. I think I'm actually going to try and get eight hours of sleep tonight.


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