Tomorrow is my birthday!

Yay, and all that stuff. I didn't think I would at all be excited about my birthday this year, even though I'll be 21. But now that it's tomorrow, I hav the sudden urge to have a party with little hats and those things you blow on (not kazoos, although those would be cool too) and a big pink cake. I want to be a kid again, just for a couple hours. But tomorrow will still be fun: Philip graduates, I get to hang with family, and we're all going to eat somewhere cool after graduation.

Thursday I hung out with Kate and Dustin (Cute Newly Married Couple) and we went downtown to Primary Space. It's probably the coolest gallery ever--a redone space in the middle of Hamtramck that they painted white and put a skylight in. They have great exhibits, this time it was Kelly Lynn Jones. While Dustin was appalled at the prices of some of the artwork, Kate and I really enjoyed it (well, Dustin did too, when he wasn't saying "She probably only spends like, five cents to make these and churns out two a day!"). Her work is cool, so go check out her site.

I saw The Longest Yard last night with Andy, Jay, Kim, Nino, Jim, and my brother. I can actually say I enjoyed it, although the 1974 version with Burt Reynolds (who actually played a pretty good role in the new one) is better. But there was this huuuuuuge black guy on the convict team who was a complete teddy bear, I wanted to take him home with me and give him coloring books and hugs and skittles. Aww.

My family is all back now from garage-sale-ing and we're going to some mall, so hasta for now!


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