Even in May...

Michigan is cold. Isn't that sad? Yeah. So I'm here now, in Detroit. It's so strange, I still know it's "home" because when I get here, I feel like I never left. My room is a little different, and things about the city change, but it's all just the way I left it in my mind. It's a wierd feeling not knowing when the next time is that I'll be back here.

My flight here was fine, but I've been pretty tired all day. Caleb and I did a huge amount of packing and trailer-loading yesterday (more Caleb than me, but I'm a small person and therefore cannot lift large things). Amazingly enough, we fit eveyrthing into the trailer and his truck. We also found time to go to Applebee's with Cameron and Daniel, where we had an awesome waitress and ate way too much food. We all ended up at Cameron's house watching the BBC version of "The Office" until 3am. Completely worth it--that show is hilarious.

I ran around like crazy getting little things done here--got the skirt for my bridesmaid dress hemmed and altered at the tailor's, bought Kate a bachelorette party gift (you'll never know, ha ha ha), ate at Olive Garden with Courtney, and unpacked my things. Tomorrow will be nonstop in an even worse way, since I need to design Phil's open house invitations and finish working on Kate and Dustin's wedding gift. Plus some more errands (like getting my new driver's license--yay for 21!) and the party tomorrow night.

So for now, it's time for bed.


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