Where'd all the good people go?

Saturday night and I still haven't packed a thing yet. The past two days have been crazy, and something tells me that this won't be letting off for at least another week or so. I hate rain, it made us have to shut down the Spring Fling and Lightheaded didn't get to play, which is really sad because they are awesome. I was really looking forward to hearing them. They got in last night at 5am (well, this morning I guess) and Othello and Braille and his wife Nikki stayed at my house. We went and soundchecked them and got food after that, and I had a good afternoon hanging out with them. But the rains came and even though it only lasted 10 minutes, it was enough for all the equipment to come down and all the people left.

I need to go pack. Your prayers are much appreciated as Caleb and I both have a TON of stuff to get done in the next few days, plus the poor boy has his theory exam on Monday. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, especially since for many of you it's the last one in Lynchburg for the summer.


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