Putting the Fling in Spring

It's here! After drenching the earth with its torrid rain and mean thunderstorming yesterday, the weather has recovered and spring is now floating around Lynchburg like a kid in an inner tube. Or something. Either way, I am quite happy that I can travel sans-coat to my daily destinations. As a matter of fact, this evening's place of venture is the Student Center, where I'm going swimming with Caleb! I love that you can go swimming and count it as working out. A great world we live in, indeed.

Snack of choice for the day--caramel rice cake and a glass of orange juice. Mmm. Is it sad that I really enjoy that? Have I become one of "those" people: the ones who get really excited about spinach salad with vinagarette dressing and a glass of water? Some call it boring, I call it healthy. Hmm...maybe I need to do an entry on my food position, because there's actually a lot of firm beliefs behind it. And I promise, they aren't boring.

I saw "Sideways" last night at the dollar theater with Steph and Caleb. It was incredibley real, in the best sort of way. It's one of those movies that you watch feeling as though you're sitting right there with the characters. It's funny how few movies do that to me anymore, in an age of so many technological advances. "Sideways" was extremely hilarous too, from the neurotic wine tastings to the "car accident." Go see it, it's fresh and honost and some amazing acting. I will go ahead and warn you, however, there is a really horrible scene with large naked trucker, so please close your eyes when Miles sneaks down the hallway at Carrie's house. (Trust me, you'll know.)

Anyway, try and catch it while it's still at the dollar theaters if you can, because it's really worth seeing on the big screen. Um, the movie--not the naked man. Dirty!

Sayonara winter, hellooooo spring!


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