that's who I work with

Official Overheard Office Quote of the Day:

"I don't like jelly beans...but I like jelly donuts."

*especially funny becuase the speaker sounded completely bewildered by this fact, as though jelly beans and jelly donuts are so much as remotely made up of the same substance.

- - - - -

I had a meeting tonight with two very nice girls from the marketing dept. for "Relay for Life." I'm going to be doing the design for their fliers, t-shirts, and handbills. We had some great ideas and I'm really excited about how this is going to turn out. If any of you know any Cancer survivors and would be interested in sharing their story, let me know. We're really trying to put a face to the cause with this campaign and hopefully get kids out to Relay for Life for reasons other than some t-shirt.

_ _ _ _ _

Yesterday was my trip to Wintergreen with Student Life. Today is the most sore I've felt in a long time. My neck feels like bungee cords that have been stretched way beyond their limits. On a plus side, I got to watch Caleb's first attempt at riding the frozen water waves. He caught on pretty well, but not before some serious spills and a very red back (snowpants, hon, snowpants). I'm proud of his perseverance though (I know, "awww"). Hopefully I'll get to make another trip up there in the next few weeks.


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