So yesterday I had a spare half hour between Barnes and Noble and going to ISA (InService America) training. And I decided that I was going to take pictures. Behold, the results of some spare moments in my apartment:

Since I moved my record player into my room two days ago, I've already gone through all of these records.
This makes me very happy.

"Mmmmm, eggs."

I bought really healthy (and fresh!) food the last time I went to Walmart, including herbs to make my famous Stuffed Salmon, fresh romaine lettuce, and lots of frozen berries.

And of course, I had to show off the new apron I bought before break. I ♥ it to death and it was only 6 dollars! It also folds up so that you can put part of it around your neck and have a full apron. If anyone wants one like it, let me know, because I think they still have a bunch of different colored ones.

I need to take pictures more. I also really like Cameron's idea of having a separate media blog to keep all the pictures of trips and whatnot that aren't necessarily fantastic, but fun for family and friends to look at. One More Minute will be undergoing changes pretty soon, and that will probably be one of them. God has been blessing me with lots of design opportunities, so unfortunately this site is kind of last on my list right now. But its time will come. Or something.

Waterdeep officially has the Hardest CD Cases to Open Ever.™


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