Simply Delightful!

First of all, if you haven't seen it her, get thee to an iTunes and watch the Shins' video, "New Slang." It's beautiful, like a cupcake (or an eisley video). Watch it, you'll know what I mean.

So, what have I been up to? Well, a lot of nothing and a lot of being frustrated at that nothing because it's making my days disappear. I drove from PA to VA on Monday and got here around 5:00 or so. Caleb took me out to eat at Neighbor's Place, this awesome restaurant in the area, and then we got coffee at the Daily Grind. It was a good night, and I was all happy to be back and see my boyfriend (awwwww) and stuff.

Cut to the next day, when I get all gussied up (ew...that's a horrible word. I don't know why I thought of it, or where it originally came from, but we'll pretend that it doesn't matter) to go to J.Crew's call center and apply for the job that I thought I had a 90% chance of getting. Well. The first words out of the secretary's mouth were, "We're not hiring right now."

My heart sank. I filled out an application anyway and was told that, "Well, we might be hiring in a few months." Great! They'll probably call me the second I arrive in Florida for the summer. Argh.

Suddenly I felt stranded, with the realization that I was going to have to look and search and wait for a job. And it will probably be a stinky job that I won't like. Yes, I know, it's only for three months, but I really wanted to make decent money. And I really really don't want to work retail. Add the jobless thing to the weird feeling that I'm not technically in college right now, I won't be seeing the people I usually see every day, my boyfriend's job is taking more out of him than he thought, and a horrible neck pain that picked that afternoon to emerge, and you'll watch my night quickly go down the drain. I was all but despondant, and the terrible (and random!) muscle spasm that my neck was throwing around made me a bit irrational. Thankfully, Caleb loves me anyway and is a good boyfriend who knows how to talk me back into my senses.

Needless to say, I'm feeling better. I've applied for a few clerical/data entry type jobs, and I have an applicant orientation meeting on Monday with InService America (another call center). So things are looking up a bit, but please pray that I'll find a good-paying day job soon. I want to be able to save money and still have time to be halfway creative.

On a side note, I went to a mennonite church on Sunday night with my Grandma, my great-great aunt, and two other old ladies. A gospel trio was in for the evening, which apparently old ladies are all about, so we braved snow and ice to see the "Higher Ground Singers." It was fairly entertaining, although more for the sheer amusement of it all than the actual music. There were lots and lots of old people, and the sorta creepy thing is that 99% of the songs were about heaven and dying and such. I guess when you get that old it's nice to hear that sort of thing, but for me it was just...well, creepy.

I'm gonna go work on some website stuff for Classic Design Hair Studio. Here's to doing what I should be doing....


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