floating birds make me smile

Holy wow! (I'll allow you a moment to recover from that horrible expression of joy) I just went to Mae's site for the first time in a long time, and it is beautiful. Don't take my word for it, go there yourself and see how you can make the birds fly (you'll get what I mean). The site was done by Squad Studios, and after seeing some of their other work, I decided that if I ever wind up in Seattle (where they're based), I'll beg them to let me watch them work. Incredible stuff.

Also, Mae is coming out with a new 5-song EP sometime relatively soon--it's mostly B-sides from Destination Beautiful, but more music from Mae is always a good thing. Anberlin has an album out in early February and Copeland is working on new stuff too. Mae, Anberlin, and Copeland always group together in my mind--mainly becuase I discovered them all at the same time that Caleb and I started dating. They always make me think of nervously joyous March days.

I got my philosophy stuff in the mail today--I ordered some skin care stuff earlier this month, and there's nothing like a little belated Christmas gift for yourself. I love philosophy stuff--it's more expensive than I'd like to admit, but a girl's gotta splurge now and then. Plus, it works, and it smells yummy.

My day has been pretty bleak--the dentist, Barnes and Noble, picking my mom up from school, and spaghetti for dinner. I did manage to rescue my boyfriend from being locked out of his car, via my cell phone and AAA. Ain't nothin for supergirlfriend.

Oh, and apple keeps on rockin the free world with the new iPod Shuffle and Mac Mini. You know you're addicted to apple when you want to buy their new products even when what you already own (a 20GB iPod and a G5) better and more expensive. Phrases like, "But it's so cute!" "It's lighter!" and "It's so, so...cool!" come out of your mouth, and you want to tell all of your friends. Ten times. Until they tell you to shut up and go kiss your computer.

Not that, you know, I'm speaking from any experience or anything.


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