Day 6 of Being Sick. I was being so annoying with my coughing and sniffing last night that Cameron told me, "Seriously, you need to go buy some Sudafed or something! Geez!"

My sad reply?
"Sudafed? Thad cosds mondey! I can'd buy medicine! I'll get betder in a couple days. Yeah. I will." [This is the dialect of a person who is slightly stuffed up but not quite enough so that all of her T's turn into D's. Just some.]

So here I am, still with my sad cold and with a definite longing for a raspberry mocha. Which I think I am just going to break down and buy.

We didn't have my Gourmet Cooking class today. Which was nice, but bad too because I was looking forward to eating food. A definite benefit of a cooking class that occurs around lunchtime is that you can usually fill up at least your lunch-food quota during class. So instead I went to the library and read a graphic design book and listened to Jack Johnson.

Yesterday I got Sabrina Ward Harrison's third book in the mail. It's just as beautifully lush and enjoyable as the first. I've already halfway devoured it, and it makes me want to go to the Art Box downtown and buy paints.

I'm letting my friend Amber steal this computer, since the lab is way too small for its student population. Oh, and link of the day: midwest is best. Bad site design, but beautiful content. Enjoy!


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