I'm really tired right now. I'm not exactly sure why, either, but I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that Cameron, Caleb and I stayed up late last night watching "Venus Beauty Salon" (it's a sub-titled Audrey Tatou movie). It was pretty good, but we all started drifting off towards the end because we were so tired. And drifting off during a foreign movie is a bad idea, because you miss all the subtitles--and consequently, the rest of the movie. We'll try again tomorrow, if we can. I've been all about watching movies lately (I mean, hey, we have netflix, it's great!), but Caleb hasn't been so much. I think he's into the whole "living life" and "not sitting in front of a tv" and all that sort of thing. Pssh. Some people.

Apple just came out with the new iMac. Yum. It's beautiful and (amazingly) almost as powerful as the regular G5. Which had me thinking that maybe I should aim towards getting the beautiful wireless keyboard/2 inch cpu instead of my glowing G5. But its performance rates still aren't as good as the PowerMac, and I definitely agree with Cameron: "I just need something that I can open up and put things in. Something with depth." So true.

Caleb is probably going to buy an iBook or a PowerBook, and so I'm living vicariously through him. He's going to have to drag me away from the apple store when we go to Richmond.

Have I mentioned that I would sell my cat for a Mac? And I love my cat.


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