I just intertwined my fingers, stretched out my arms, and cracked my knuckles--then wiggled my fingers in that stereotypical "I'm about to type a novel" action. Yeah, I felt cheesy a few seconds later, but I promise I didn't do it on purpose.

It's about 70 degrees outside, and raining. Fall in Virginia? No, July in Detroit. Yeah, I hate my life. But at least I don't have to drive around with all my windows down. Still, the weather is such a contrast to what I was enjoying a few days ago--lots of sun and warmth, albiet more heat than I'm used to. It's funny how quickly I miss Florida, and the way that even though I've never spent more than two weeks there at a time, somehow it still always feels like home.

I have my Media Player on "random", and Shapiro's "If I'd Known" just started playing. I forgot how much I like listening to them, and how excited I am to see Nathan again. I've started getting those itchy, can't-wait-to-go-back-to-school feelings, all butterflies and sharpened pencils. However, I'll save all my bursting autumnal feelings for another post, becuase this is for Florida. And vacation. Mmmyes.

We left super-early on Friday. After I had only gotten 2 hours of sleep, no less, becuase Philip and I were up very late listening to "Stairway to Heaven" backwards and laughing a random web site that had lyrics for it. I'm not even going to try to excuse myself from that one. Needless to say, I spent a good part of the trip down sleeping in the backseat. However, I did find time to read "Auntie Mame", a hilarious play from the forties, and half of Mae West's biography, Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It. We took a picnic lunch break in Tennesee, where I saw lots of licencse plates that reminded me of Beau (Caleb's roomate).

After driving through some amazing and scary thunderstorms that had more lightning than a laser show, we arrived in Branford, FL around 11:30pm. Seeing Caleb was wonderful, and I'll save the hearts and flowers and leave it at that. My family met his family for the first time (oooh, big stuff), and they actually all got along quite well--there wasn't really even any awkwardness! That was a relief, as all who've seen "Meet the Parents" and other such scary movies should know.

His mom made us an awesome breakfast the next morning, and Caleb gave my family a tour of Branford and the springs and whatnot. Then my parents and Phil left for Orlando, to check into the time-share that my Aunt Linda is letting us use. Caleb and I got ready for Boceefun's wedding, where we sat with Allison and Shannon (those girls have such fun dresses!). The wedding was short and not particularly interesting (mainly since I didn't know the bride or the groom and Caleb hasn't hung out with Boceefun in a long time), but the reception had good food, and we chilled with the girls and Aleah and Eb's sister. After changing into comfy clothes again, Allison and Shannon and Aleah wandered around the Lake City mall with us--and let me tell ya, we spent half an hour in the Dollar Store. That's how big the mall is.

We all went back to Caleb's house and us girls looked at old Jones photo albums while Caleb made funnel cake. It was good! We feasted on the lovely fried food (I looove funnel cake) and watched "I Love the Ninties" for about...three hours. It was nice. Then the girls had to go home, so Caleb and I watched Pulp Fiction. It was good, and while I could've done without all the profanity, it was well-done and Quinten Tarentino-iffic.

The next day I went to Sunday School with Luke (Caleb had to practice for Choir), and it was fun coming in late and having Brother Danny arch an eyebrow and say, "Does Caleb know about this?" The service was good, and Caleb did a great job of directing the choir--it's so unexpected to see him doing all this crazy directing stuff, but it was a good kind of unexpected. I'm really proud of him.

After the service, I went to eat at The Gathering with all the Joneses. And Dirty J's family was there--I didn't know he had a sister (that looks just like him, no less)! It was real nice having a Monterey Chicken sandwich again...I think I might put the recipe up sometime under bargain bin.

It was real rainy that day, so we watched some tv and took naps and played with Pogo the Wonder Cat. My family met us at the night service, and we gave them a tour of the church. The kids play was good, but very long. We hung out with everyone for a little while, then I had to leave with my family to go down to Orlando. We at at Sonny's on the way down and I got to enjoy some real good sweet tea.

It was late and super-rainy when we got to Orlando, and it was not fun trying to navigate strange roads and such. After lots of confusion, we finally pulled into the Sheritan Vistana Resort where we were staying for free. Resort for free, yes, I love generous relatives. We had a villa with a kitchen and a humongous whirlpool bathtub in the main bedroom. Along with 8 outdoor pools and bunches of cool resort-y type things (okay, so we didn't really take advantage of much of them, but we were only there for three days).

It was rainy again on Monday, so Phil and I set out for the weight room. It was super-ghetto, so we made the best of it and (after a little exploring) found a sauna and a steam room. Steam rooms are fun! I think I might build one on the back of my apartment. Or not. Around three, my family and I went to Downtown Disney, where we got to visit the Lego store, lots of cheesy Disney propaganda shops, an extremely cool Guitar store that had a mint repro. of a Jimi Hendrix guitar, and the ::drool:: Virgin Megastore. Yes, I know Empire Records had qualms about being bought out by one, but they should've just gone with it. I 'bout died. They had three rows of vinyl, including every radio head/white stripes/rolling stones album I could ever want. I had to call Caleb and have him calm me down. Then I made the mistake of going into the Indie/Foriegn DVD section and almost passed out. ROWS, we're talking rows, of DVDs. They had to send a team of employees to drag me out. Okay, so not quite, but it got real close. Phil bought the new Polyphonic Spree cd, and wow. I didn't know that hippies were so alive and well. It's good, though, and the DVD is quite entertaining (but man, there do not need to be so many guys wearing multi-colored sheet dresses).

On our way out we came across the House of Blues--the very same one I almost saw Ben Harper in last year. Grr. I drooled and oogled and said, "I almost saw Ben Harper here but it was sold out!" to Philip so much that he had to karate chop me in the face. And then we left.


That's all for today's episode, as I need to go to the gym, but hold on for next time, when you'll hear the tales of patriotic Arabian dinner shows, 50 year old women belly-dancing to Shakira, and the 32 ways your boyfriend can be delayed from St. Augustine. 'Till later...


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