Spring break is over...it has been for almost a week. But it wasn't until now that I finally feel relaxed. Oh, don't get me wrong--I had a great time in Florida. Canoeing down the Swanee river with Caleb, hanging out in Branford, seeing the Passion with Caleb and Kenny...I had a blast fitting 12 people in a car and goofing off before the Gunsmoke Dialogue/Unforsaken show at Vito's Rock and Roll Pizza. They did a great job playing, even if the crowd was slightly down becauase of the whole St. Patrick's Day thing. I got to hang out in St. Augustine at a beach house with fifteen million people (well, the Jones', the Law's, and Mandy and Cameron); Shannon, Nina, Allison and Nina were great fun to see, and I got to lay out on the beach. Nonetheless, most of the trip my mind was focused on two things: a) finding a job and b) how much I was dreading the research paper I had (well, still have) to write. I got all stressed out about a lot of things that were on my mind, and I didn't enjoy it the way it should have been enjoyed.

But now I'm much better. I ran two miles today with Caleb, ate some great homeade hamburgers, got convinced to skip the library and go see "Something's Gotta Give"--which was a phenomenal movie--and now here I am. Lights dimmed, candles flickering, and Louis Armstrong on my record player. I finally feel like I can breathe again. And yes, I still have a seven page paper to write about Jonathan Swift's use of extreme rationality in Gulliver's fourth voyage, but it isn't due until Tuesday. I'll start it tomorrow.

Tonight, I'm going to enjoy the fact that I am happy, relaxed, and so grateful for all that God has given me.

[listening to: Louis Armstrong--"Favorites"]


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