Yesterday. Was. Amazing.

Caleb seriously outdid himself with this one. It was our One-Year Anniversary, and it was awesome.

Let me preface with a story--last Tuesday evening, I went to Roanoke with Caleb, Cameron, and Mandy. We ate at TGIFridays, ran around the mall...it was lots of fun. While we were at the mall, I spotted this amazingly cute dress in the window of Ann Taylor Loft. It was cute, it had a retro A-line shape, and I really wanted it. Well, I looked at it--way too expensive for me, even if it weren't for the fact that I'm poor right now. So I smiled at the dress and waved goodbye, cuz it wasn't going to be seen on me anytime soon.

Fast forward to yesterday. After Caleb and I worked out at the gym (my legs are still being whiney), we went back to his house and ate lunch. I took a shower, and when I was all clean and ready-to-go, he gives me this letter. I was informed that I had to carry it with me everywhere that I went, and I couldn't open it until he told me it was okay. Which is mean. Real mean. Especially since I'm an insanely curious person. But alas, I agreed.

We drove to Roanoke (and of course, I had no idea what all he has planned for the day), where we had an early dinner at the Olive Garden (one of my favorite restaurants). And I have to say, it was a really, really good dinner. I got the "Tour of Italy", this dish that had lasagna, Parmesan chicken, and Alfredo noodles. Yum. I also had an entire basket of breadsticks.

Needless to say, we were pretty full, so we went to the mall to chill out a little bit. I officially declared it, "Crystal is going to try on fun things that she can't afford" day, and found some really cool stuff at the Gap (amazingly enough). The Ann Taylor store is right across from it, so Caleb suggested that I go try on the dress (since I hadn't gotten to actually try it on before). I figured, hey, why not, nothing to lose.

So I went to go try it on, and...there was only one dress left. And it was a size 8. Way too big. I was disappointed, but no big deal. Caleb, on the other hand, seemed really bummed.

"You can't see if they have it in the back or anything?" he asked. I shrugged, and asked the saleslady. No, they didn't have it, and no, she didn't know when any would be in.

I couldn't figure out why Caleb was more disappointed than I was, but we left and started walking around.

"Okay," he said. "You can open the letter now."
"Now?" I was expecting to open it somewhere more...not in the mall. But I figured he has a reason, so we found a bench, and I sat down to read it. It was a good letter, containing a "The Top 5 Things I Love About Crystal" list. And at the bottom, it said:
"P.S. This letter entitles you not only to my heart, but to that dress you're wearing!"

Confused, I looked up at him. "Dress?"
"Yeah, you were supposed to have opened it when you had the dress on from Ann Taylor. But they didn't have it...."

All I could do was look at him, because not only was I amazed that he remembered how much I liked the dress, but...it was a really expensive dress!

"...anyways, since they don't have it right now, you can either wait and have them order you one--or you can look around and see if you find another one that you like."

I'm not a very patient person when it comes to knowing that somebody got me something, so...we went dress shopping! And not only did I find a dress, I found one that I liked even better! It's really pretty and really comfortable and it's retro just like the other one. It's very forties--I just need some cat eye sunglasses and some red lipstick and I'll be all set.

So you would think that would be the end, right? But no, on our way home we stop at the grocery store and he makes me stay in the car. He wouldn't let me look at what he got until we got home, when he made me sit in another room with my eyes closed until he came in and brought me--strawberries! My boyfriend bought strawberries for me. And they were really good. And we watched the rest of "The Blues Brothers."

And I love Caleb Jones. He's incredible.

The other records I got him (that I didn't mention before) were: "Weird Al Yankovic in 3-D" (with "Eat it" on it); "The Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack"; and "Wild Tales" by Graham Nash (which he said is one of the best gifts he's ever gotten--he loves Graham Nash). And I also got him "Jesus Christ Superstar" on DVD, but it's still in the mail.

He's a happy boy. :)


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