The Bloggies. I knew such a thing existed, but until this evening, I'd never taken the time to look at the site or its nominations for the best blog "about photography"/"in south america"/"to talk about music"/"written by an ex-child tv star" (okay, maybe not that last one). As I clicked through the numerous links and opened what seemed like a zillion new windows, I realized something.

I barely ever read blogs.

I used to. Although I guess technically it was before blogs were actually called that. I used to have a list of seven or so websites that were updated daily. So I read them daily. I enjoyed learning about the lives of these random people--laughing with them, shaking my head at their stupidity...everything one does while prying/reading into someone else's life. But today I realized, I don't do that any more. Every few days I might check one blog and a couple of livejournals, but I've been out of touch with my blogging counterparts.

I did, however, just learn how to make dotted lines in Photoshop. (And yes, I admit it, i did a photoshop tutorial instead of finishing this entry becuase now it's time for me to close the Lounge. I hang my head in shame).


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