I know I'm ready to go back to Virginia now. I know because I'm having dreams about the new OS X that was installed in the Mac lab over break. I know because it's so cold outside that it literally bites your head and feet off. I know because ten minutes after I left my house, I still couldn't feel my hands on the steering wheel. I know because I've watched so many "Trading Spaces" that I feel like when I open the door to my house, I'll be greeted by Paige and all the designers, brightly colored smocks in hand.

I know because I got tears in my eyes after flipping through an ingenious ad for Photoshop CS . And no, I am not kidding.

So yes, thank-you-very-much, I'm ready to be at school again. It's sad, but I admit defeat. If for no reason other than the fact that it's currently seven degrees below zero. And that's more cold than I need for a long, long time.

I spent two or three hours at Barnes and Nobles today, gorging myself on Photoshop/Digital Camera/Graphic Design magazines. And realizng how much more time will be spent in the Mac Lab once I get back to school. Especially since (drumroll please) my parents have agreed to get my a digital camera. I'm chipping in a bit, and hopefully within a week or so, the Canon Powershot a70 will be mine. It's pretty, it uses AA batteries, and most importantly--it has full manual controls, including Tv and Av settings, just like my Canon EOS Rebel G SLR.

Oh, and I would also like to congratulate myself on the fact that I worked out today for the second day in a row. Yes, go me, pats on the back, etc, etc. And yeah, I am definitely sore.

Can I just say that I really miss watching Gilmore Girls? It's one of my favorite shows, and I'm so glad that soon I'll be getting a tv when I'm at school so I can actually keep watching it. Witty dialogue, funny yet non-skanky main characters...I'll take it.

I know I'm being random tonight, but...man, I really like the song "Ziggy Stardust" by David Bowie. Maybe it's just the guitar riff, but dang, it's catchy.

Okay, goodnight, before I keep adding random sentances to last six more pages....


I mean it.



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