Ok, so there goes that. I actually had the incentive to work on my math study sheet (for my final next week), but it's gone now. Thanks to The Onion and it's wonderfully distracting articles. Such as this one. It's sad, I really know people who aren't far removed from that guy.

Oh, so by the way, I'm back from Thanksgiving break. It was great. A week in Florida is always great, obviously, but I got to hang out with Caleb, his family, all the Unforsaken guys, Kenny, Allison (unfortunately I only saw Nina once and didn't get to see Shannon at all)...I love all of the people down there, they're just fun and interesting. I really hope I get to spend the summer down there.

The weather was really warm, too--seventies and eighties. Except, ironiclly, for the last two days, when we went camping with Caleb's family and another family from his dad's church. It was freezing. Okay, well, forty degrees--but when you're stuck outside doing nothing but sitting (albiet around a fire), it's pretty dang cold. That's one of the coldest nights I've slept through in my life.

On our way back to Liberty, we stopped through Savannah. We ate lunch at this great little seafood place, and I had some absolutely amazing crab meat. It's funny how your tastes change as you get older--five years ago, I would have made numerous faces at the thought of cracking open a cooked leg and pulling the white meat out of it. But oh, it is so so sweet.

In other (wonderful) news, I finally got approved to live off campus (right before I left). My roomate's parents are currently here in Lynchburg remodelling some of the house we're moving in to. Cameron, Caleb and I helped clean on Saturday, and Caleb and I have been putting together some of the desks and dressers for each room. I have the most kick-butt desk on the planet. It's from Ikea and it is grand.

Hopefully next week I'll start painting. I have wood paneling in my room, but I'm going to paint it alternating shades of yellow. I'll try to upload a picture once it's finished.

Speaking of the word "try", you probably all think I'm the laziest hypocrite to keep a web journal, because I keep saying I'm going to do things, and I don't. Yes, I do know that, and yes I really do have intent of adding more things to this site. But life in the land of Crystal is a very hectic and busy one, and when I started this site during the summer, it was while I was at home working 20-30 hours a week and doing nothing else (besides missing my boyfriend). Now, I'm working, learning (supposedly, anyways), seriously dating the most amazing guy in the world, trying to finish off the house I'll be living in next semester, helping on the leadership team on my hall, and studying muchos. So while I may be lazy when it comes to this site, it's not becuase I want to be. I admit I'm very jealous of Cameron, who has lots of time and a great site. Go visit it, it has plenty of content.

And hopefully, one day, mine will too. ;)


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