It's been a while, ay? Sorry I haven't called, it's just...well, I've been busy. Doing, you know, stuff. ::cough:: But I'm back. No, really, I just got back tonight. From Florida. Okay, granted, I was only gone for four days. But it feels like it's been much longer. I can't belive how much I needed this weekend to relax and do nothing. (Well, relatively nothing...)

Caleb and I left on Friday morning at 8:15 (after a lovely breakfast at the Rott) and drove pretty much all day. We arrived in St. Augustine around 6:30 or so and hung out with Caleb's Pap-pap for a while. That was nice, we had grilled porkchops and sald--it's been so long since I've had a home-cooked meal. Caleb's Uncle Gino and his family came over for a little while too. We went and hung out with Eb, Allison, Shannon, and Jordan over at the Pink Nasty (the girls' house) for a bit, which was very cool, especially since Caleb hasn't seen Eb (his best friend) since May. We went to duncan Donuts for some coffee and the guys almost got in a fight after some jerks in an SUV kept driving by and yelling things at us girls. Thankfully we just left and nobody got hurt. Caleb and I went to Vilano beach for a little while with Eb and Allison around 11:30. We sat in the sand, walked in the water, and just enjoyed the warm ocean breezes. It was so nice to be able to go home for the night whenever we felt like it and curl up in a bed in a room by myself. Mmmm yeah.

The next day, we stopped by Gino's work (he does the press at a print shop) and he gave us a little tour. There's a chance I might work there this summer as an intern--a small chance, but a chance nonetheless. After seeing the shop, we left and picked up Eb, Allison, and Jordan on our way to Final Groove, this (mostly) sixties vintage store. Nothing was bought, although Caleb was very tempted by a $45 denim Levi's jacket.

We left town around 3 and headed to Branford. When we pulled in an hour and a half later, Caleb's mom and his Aunt Debbie were waiting, and very very excited to see us. Aunt Debbe is so sweet, but she's got the Jones' sarcasm and it's a great combination. We chilled in the living room for a while, then we all went out to eat with the Pastor and his wife that would be speaking for their Homecoming service the next morning. I had a shrimp cocktail that was exactly what I needed.

We ended up watchin "Down with Love" after dinner (not exactly the ideal movie to watch with one's parents, I must say) and got to bed fairly late. Sunday morning was real nice; I met Stephen (Caleb's best friend from high school) who happened to be in town. We helped this poor woman move a bunch of stuff cuz her house flooded and then took a nap.

It was Pastor Jones' birthday, so they had a ton of people over. It was great, Brother Kevin and Dan brought their guitars and there was lots and lots of food. Sitting back in a big fluffy chair, watching the guys play guitar and listening to all the happy voices--I haven't been that happy and relaxed in a long, long time. Caleb's dad brought out the fireworks, which led to some great entertainment as Josh and Caleb played around with them. After everyone went home, Caleb and I watched tv for a while and then finally went to bed around 1:30.

This morning I got up at 9, ate breakfast and packed, then drove. And drove and drove and drove. It actually went by fairly quick, but the beginning was hard. Neither of us wanted to leave--it's the hardest time I've had going back to school yet. The only reassuring thought was that we'll be returning to Florida in a month and a week (or so) for Thanksgiving. It will not come soon enough.

I have a project due tomorrow and a midterm in Mass Coms Writing, So I'm going to attempt to ignore the loud girls next to me and the 200 degree thermostat in the mac lab--and study.


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