I had one of those random dream-like moments today in the computer lab. You know, where you suddenly run into 80 people that you haven't seen for weeks and months? I was talking to Carlos after we got out of our Mass Coms Writing class, when suddenly Cameron comes up, explaining that he heard my "very distinctive" laugh across the room. Before we can get another word out, Caleb is suddenly standing right next to me. Ok, cool, awesome--so we're all standing there talking about Gunsmoke Dialogue and then I look up to see my friend Cassondra (who I haven't seen in weeks) waving at me from one of the computers. I ran over to her and while we talked excitedly, no less than ten other friends and acquaintance's passed by intermittently. Scary stuff.

Speaking of scary (but a good kind, if that makes sense), one of the reasons that I was so excited to see Cassondra is because she just got engaged! I'd heard from another friend, but hadn't seen her since it happened. Her boyfriend lives in Detroit (she's from the same area that I am) and he drove down to suprise her last weekend. Yes, yes, sappy girlieness--I know. But I am a girl, and I can't help get all squealy and excited when all these people are getting engaged.

On a more general note, Copeland is going to be here October 14th! I didn't even realize how excited I was about it until I started listening to the CD some more today (it's been all of a week since it was last in my discman). And dang. I can't even imagine hearing these guys live. Honestly, the three bands I've been completely in love with since this summer are Anberlin, Mae and Copeland. And now I've seen Anberlin twice and Mae once. Wooooo-eeee! There's just always something to be said about live music. Especially when it's live music that you're in love with.

So excuse me while I enjoy my headphones some more....


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