I've decided that the Mac Lab is officially the coldest place on campus right now. Okay, yes, aside from meat freezers and other such places where the contents are supposed to be kept below zero. I, however, am not a frozen food and I would like to avoid being a frozen person if at all possible. So it will suffice to say that I am very much regretting wearing a sleeveless shirt today.

My graphic design class just ended, and I now have an hour until I'm supposed to meet Caleb for lunch. Unfortunately, I only have about ten minutes until the next class comes in to use the lab and I am left without a computer. I'm finding it harder and harder to post or update or whatnot, becuase I'm rarely in my room and when I am, my computer decides not to work half the time. I want to buy a desktop. With memory. Only, I'm not exactly sure where I'd put it.

Last night I was feeling verrry led to move off campus next year. Alright, so "led" probably isn't the correct word, but I'm really not enjoying the chaos that has enveloped the university this year. Thousands of new students and despite our raise in tuition, no more parking, longer lines, still not as many facilities...it's quite frustrating. Not to mention the fact that I really want a house. I miss living in a house--I got used to it again this summer and now I'm feeling withdrawls. I want to buy an old house, with at least two stories and rooms that I can aint. Lots of bright colors with unique furniture from flea markets...I can't say working at Pier One helps any, seeing as how I help people buy things to decorate their houses all day. And I think, "I would buy that--if I had any place to put it. Which I don't."

So yeah, I got to see Mae this past weekend. Dang. They were absolutely amazing. I've loved that cd ever since I got it last March, but they were so much better to watch than I'd thought. The venue, Ally Katz, was an incredible place for a show too. I kept kicking myslef for not having my camera, but I didn't have any money for film. It was so hot, though; I doubt that I would've wanted to haul the bag around.

We also went to Panther Falls again this weekend. Caleb, Stephanie, Cameron and I drove down there in Stephanie's car. It rained quite a bit until we got there, but once it cleared up it was gorgeous. We also investigated this really cool dam on our way back, and I saw the meanest spider on this side of Virginia.

All in all, I had quite a relaxing weekend and now I'm forced to end this post because the other class is about to begin. So hasta for now...


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