Arright. This is it. I am updating! Woo.

I just finished watching The Royal Tennenbaums. I liked it. It certainly wasn't inspirational or "feel-good", but I absolutely love the way Wes Anderson's movies are directed. They're just so unique, they have such an interesting "feel" to them. Speaking of unique movies, I just found out that Audrey Tataou (the actress who played Amelie) is in a new movie. This I definitely need to rent.

So yes, that whole week I was gone. Really wasn't extremely exciting. We stayed at my Aunt Linda's trailer home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (about 30 minutes outside Ocean City, MD) and it rained. A lot. So I went to the beach a total of three days (and one was only for about two hours). It was quite sad, I had really been looking forward to going in the water and stuff. But the ocean was absolutely frigid (even for the normally cold northern Atlantic), so I didn't go in much except for the last day. I did get a bit of a tan, which was nice, and I rode some really good waves in the one time that I did go in the water.

Ocean City is not somewhere you want to go for vacation, let me just say that. It ranks third under the "Extremely Cheesy Vacation Spot" catagory. (Wall Drug, SD and Atlantic City, NJ take first and second). The boardwalk was fully of horrendously cheesy crap. Sadly, it wasn't even the "cool" cheesy crap that's funny. Oh no, just trashy junk. I was quite dissapointed. However, I did but a few new shirts from Gap (ooh) and a really yummy funnel cake (ahh).

I feel as though I should write more about the vacation, seeing as how I was gone for a week. But...well, it just wasn't that interesting. I hung out with Andrew a couple times, we went golfing (and I don't think I did too terribly for my first time ever) and attempted to steal street signs, but we didn't have the right screwdriver. I really want to steal a street sign...I'm not sure why, but I do.

Is it bad that I don't have a thing packed, and I'm leaving for school Friday morning? At least I have Caleb's birthday present completely finished. I'll pack tomorrow. Really, I will.

It's 3 am ("I must be lonely"...sorry, Matchbox Twenty will forever have that line) so I really should go to bed. I'm hoping I'll be able to finish up the basic layout for the culture page before I go to school, but we'll see. There is much to be done. Au revior!


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