Tonight at work I realized exactly how pathetic my life sometimes is. Allow me to expound:

We have this stuff called "Soft Scrub" that we use for cleaning counters and such. It's kind of a liquidy-pastey bleach-type substance. Exciting, right? Well, as I was cleaning the counters, I looked down and caught a glipse of my shoes. My navy Converse All-stars used to be a nice pretty white on the toe part, but now (thanks to Virginia's lovely red soil) they're a mangy grayish red tint. So I thought to myself, "Hmmm...bleach...." And tried some on the tip of my shoe. Amazing! It immediately started to turn white. Well, I then spent the rest of the evening looking forward to when we closed so I could whiten up my shoes.

When the highlight of your evening is bleaching your shoes, you know there's something wrong with you.

I'm listening to this song by The Music called "Take the long road and walk it." It's got a very spacey sort of techno beat with u2-like vocals. Interesting, that's for sure. I like the title though. :)

Wow. I really don't have anything to say tonight. Yes, scarce for me, but I'm sitting here at 10:43 thinking that if there isn't a decent movie on TV, I'm probably just going to bed.

Welcome to Crystal's exciting life. Just try and hold on...


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