I love having connections. Example:

I have 47 college credits. At Liberty, you need 48 to be considered a Junior. I'm taking the previously mentioned Boring History Class this summer--3 more credits. 47+3=50 (yes, folks, I am a math genius). Which means I'll be a Junior in the Fall, and be eligible for the Junior Meal Plan (cheaper and more convenient). Except the online deadline for meal plan registration is at the and of July. My class ends on the 24th and the transcripts won't be sent for another few weeks. Hence my dilemma. How can I register for a Junior Meal plan if I'm not technically a Junior yet?

Well. This is where those nice connections pay off. My friend Peter works at Sodexho (our cafetria catering company), and he got me the hook-up (pardon my ghetto-ness). He talked to his manager and all I have to do is go in there and register in person when I get to school in mid-August. So yay for my awesome friend Peter, yay for cheap meal plans, and yay for the fact that I'll be a Junior after only one year of school! ::big cheesy grin::

We went Garage Sale-ing on Saturday morning. And dang, I found a ton of stuff. Not only did I get a nice merino wool sweater from Banana Republic for only five dollars, but I also found a record player (nice Technics turntable that we just hooked up to speakers I already have) for a DOLLAR! Annnnnd I got the following albums on vinyl (and they were only a quarter each):

  • Meet the Beatles - The Beatles

  • The Beatles VI - The Beatles

  • Hard Day's Night - The Beatles

  • Rubber Soul - The Beatles

  • Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles

  • Revolver - The Beatles (Caleb is insanely jealous of this one, mwhahaha)

  • Help! - The Beatles

  • The White Album - The Beatles

  • Special Demo Album by Smashing Pumpkins

  • Yeah. I was pretty darn excited. I also got a really nifty little table to put it all on, for only 2.50. I am the queen of good deals! ::cough:: Ok, done now...

    I sent Caleb a package today. I'm pretty darn proud of it, to be honest. Our computer and my laptop were both being done last night, and it took me practically five hours to get the Copeland cd burnt for him (I had to download new burning software, re-install my external burner, blah blah blah). So there was much time spent waiting for my computer to finish doing things, and I took that time to put some cool random things in the package. He's probably gonna think I'm crazy, sending him all this stuff, but honestly I was just getting bored. Plus I love sending people things, so the more the better. I'd go into more detail concerning what's in there, but he hasn't actualy gotten it yet, so I'd prefer for him to be suprised.

    I watched an old Frank Sinatra movie last night: The Man with the Golden Arm. I can't say I was very impressed...I mean, I love old movies, love Frank Sinatra...but it just wasn't all that great. The other actors were pretty bad and the plot just wasn't all that entertaining. It's basiclly about a dealer who's trying to overcome a heroin addiction; pretty edgy for that day and age, but now--well, just not all that risque. So I can't say I recommend it.

    It decided to get hot today. It's been in the mid-seventies for the past few days, which I can't complain about since we don't have A/C and I don't have the need to go swimming or anything really "summer" ish like that. However, today the nice city of Detroit realized, "Dang, it's summer! I need some heat!" And then proceeded to make itself a nice 86 degrees. Yes, I know, it's really not that hot compared to other places in the US right now. But sheeez, when I have to wear pants to work and drive for fifteen minutes in a hot, non-air-conditioned car to get there...well, that's just not very fun. But oh well. Have your glory, stupid summer weather. I'll be thankful enough for you in a few weeks, when I'm actually at the beach. Then you'll see.

    Oh, one last thing--I have some things up at one more minute. Including this journal. Unfortunatly, it's irritating me to no end because for some reason, it won't let me style the scrollbars under the "journal" part of the frame. Everything else is fine and when I preview this page in Blogger, the scroll bars are fine. I even made it so this window opens separately. But noooo--still has to have the nasty ugly gray ones. If anyone knows how to fix this, pleaseeeee let me know. Until then, sorry--you'll have to deal with a bit of nastiness on my otherwise nice (though minimalistic) page.


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