I'm listening to Mae and wishing that I had something good to eat. My mom and brother just got back from Target, carrying tell-tale Taco Bell drink cups. Which prompts my stomach to growl even louder. All that's in the fridge is frozen Mac and Cheese (ok, so there's a few other things...ok, a lot of other things, but nothing very fulifilling). I think we're having something of the grilled catagory tonight, though, so it's all good. If only I could scrounge up some cheese....

I just realized, 'Wow, what a great introductory paragraph! I will go down forever as having the opening part of my first post the narrative of a hungry, whiny girl.' Excuse me while I take a bow.

I suppose I should actually write a little "hey I'm so-and-so and this is what my site is about" type of thing, but isn't that what the whole "about" link is for? Granted, I don't actually have one of those yet, but I will, and by the time you read this I'm sure it will be up. Especially since no one will even know about this website until a few hundred posts from now. No, I'm not being falsely modest, I just know that it's going to take me a while to get this whole thing put together and hosted and yada yada yada.

So for now, maybe a little story on what got me all ambitious to start a website? Well here you are:

::cue inspirational music::

[narrator] Summer was almost at its midpoint. The lukewarm June days (Michigan, people, Michigan) were slowly but surely melting into relatively hot ones. As many excited individuals planned their trips up north or to the lake for the Fourth of July, one girl sat swiveling back and forth in her family's padded office chair and wished that she actually had something interesting to do...

::camera pans over rows of houses, centering in on a one and a half story dwelling with light blue siding and zooms through the doors and walls to show a nineteen-year-old girl with bare feet and short messy hair::

[narrator] She was only working 24 hours a week, at the most, and while she'd been doing a fairly good job distracting herself with some necessary reading and lots of random craftiness, she knew that she needed a project--something that would be productive and serve her well in the years to come. Since she was currently pursuing a degree in Graphic Design and getting more and more interested in photography, websites such as Autumn Rushes On and The Paper Brigade had inspired her. Knowing that it would be years (if ever) before she attained such a level of greatness, she realized that it all had to start somewhere. So, gathering up what little discipline and work ethic she had, she set out to carve out her own place in this tangled web (haha, WEB! Get it? ahem...) of pious intellectuals, musical elitists and drivelling fools--all the while taking care to avoid falling into those catagories at all costs.

::camera again shows the girl, this time draped lazily over the couch and grasping a vanilla coke. A remote control rests cautiously on her stomach::

[narrator] Will cheap entertainment ploys and must-see movies tear her from her original intent? Can she actually follow the complicated commands of styles sheets, frames, and java? Will she manage successfully without her dearly-loved (and extremely expensive) graphics programs like Photoshop and Illustrator that were left behind at the university computer labs?

Only time will tell.


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