The night is closing in on me as Diana Krall's "Look of Love" plays through my headphones. If I close my eyes, I could probably imagine some semblance of a romantic situation. Add a few candles, a little more breeze and...oh? What was that? A boy?!

Yeah, that would help.

The Boy, however, is currently in St. Augustine, FL. He's going to enjoy this fourth of July weekend with his Pap-pap and some good friends. On the beach. Don't worry, I only hate him a little. ::grins:: Re-reading that, it seems like he's just gone for the weekend or something. Hah. If only that were the case. No, he's seventeen hours away from me in his hometown outside of Jacksonville, FL for the summer. I won't see him until August--which, thankfully, is drawing near every second.

I'm listening to this band called The Velvet Teen right now. I really like them, lots of high vocals and drums; good tempos too. Download "Radiapathy" first, it's my favorite one. And I'm now laughing because I just realized how random my plalist is. Want to see?

  • Testing the Strong Ones ~ Copeland
  • Bullet to Binary ~ mewithoutyou
  • The Look of Love ~ Diana Krall
  • Cry Me a River [yes, the real one] ~ Diana Krall
  • Naked Girl ~ The Velvet Teen
  • Want You Back ~ The Jackson Five
  • Sign of the Times ~ Petula Clark
  • Radiapathy ~ The Velvet Teen
  • Counting Backwards ~ The Velvet Teen
  • Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight ~ Winter Solstice
  • The Boy From Ipanema ~ Peggy Lee
  • Love Song ~ The Cure (I really like the cover by Anberlin, which inspired me to download this.)
  • Beautiful Garbage (The Complete Album) ~ Garbage

    Yeah. I'm wierd. We'll just leave it at that.

    So I've won a small victory--frames! Yes, that's right--I, Crystal, can now design a web page using frames. Granted, I don't actually have one yet, but I have a test page that I made, and it uses the frames, and it works! Yay for me! I found this amazing site called CodePunk that is just wonderful. Tutorials galore. Now, on to style sheets....::shudders::


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