Wow. Well, that certainly was a quick weekend. I guess partly due to the fact that I worked Saturday night (leaving little time for fun diversions) and partly becuase I spent the rest of it...on the computer. Ok, well, that isn't entirely true. I did make it out to go downtown. I love shopping downtown, and the fact that I live in the Metro Detroit Area means I have plenty of "downtowns" to choose from.

I visited one on the west side this time, in order to go to a nice little place called "Record Time." My order of business? Buying two tickets to see Alien Ant Farm at the Shelter later this month. I'm quite excited, I'm not really a huge Alien Ant Farm fan or anything, but Caleb and I discovered their merits this past semester after downloading songs like "Attitude" and "Movies." Can't say I really enjoyed the "Smooth Criminal" remake, but otherwise they're pretty cool. And sheesh, it was only ten bucks--at the Shelter. The Shelter is a very, very small venue. Actually, it was in the movie 8 Mile (Yes, the Eminem one. Yes, I live only a few miles from that very road. No, I do NOT like him. Not one bit. And no, I haven't seen the movie). I'm sure everyone has seen the scene (either from the music video or trailers) where Eminem is rapping in front of a "huge" crowd during his first big preformance. Well, it's from the Shelter, and there's no way the crowd was as large as it seemed, because this place is quite tiny.

All this to say that the Shelter is small, and I'll be seeing Alien Ant Farm very very close-up for a measly ten bucks. So how could I refuse? I mean, really. The sad thing is, my brother will still be out of town (he's currently in Connecticut, helping out at a Christian Russian camp) and he's the one I go to concerts with when I'm home. Seeing as how basiclly no one that I know here likes the harder types of music that I enjoy (yes, yes, I know--Alien Ant Farm isn't exactly akin to Evergreen Terrace, Winter Solstice, or mewithoutyou. But when even AAF is considered "hard" to my friends--well, you see my problem). I didn't really want to go to the concert alone, and I remembered that one of the guys in my graduating class liked Alien Ant Farm. So I gave him a call and--viola!--instant concert partner. It's kinda funny, I had the biggest crush on this guy when I was in seventh and eighth grade. He probably knew, but I'm not really sure. It was one of those lovely unrequited sorts of things that fueled many poems and wishful journal entries. He also dated my best friend for approximately three years--so yeah, got over that one pretty fast. We've gone in two very different directions since then, so while he's a fun guy and all, definitely nothing left where that came from. Heh, especially since my heart is completely occupied by other (read: c-a-l-e-b) things.

I must apologize if this entry isn't one of my best, but it's past 1:30 and I'm getting rather fuzzy. I wanted to post something, though, becuase it's been a few days and I need to stay on track.

Back to this weekend--
I bought a new cd! Record Time has a great selection of used and indie cds, so I finally bought the new Copeland cd, "Beneath Medicine Tree."


It is soooo good, and the liner notes are fantastic. I love vallum paper, really I do. Anyhow, listening to this cd made me realize how unemotional I've been as of late. You're probably groaning, but really! The lead singer, Rusty, is just so earnest and passionate that it really struck a chord with me. I've been so focused on all these little things I feel I need to "achieve" this summer, working so hard at keeping my mind off my feelings for Caleb. Oh, don't get me wrong, I think about him all the time and savor the happy feelings as much as possible. But I've been shoving the bad ones way down deep, the ones that make me really realize how much I miss him and how long it's been since I've felt his hand on my shoulder or his eyes watching me smile. And it has been long--which I realize even more listening to lyrics like:
"it was your "hello" that kept me hanging on every word and your "good-bye" that keeps me listening for your voice around each corner. i'll sing songs to help me stay up all night. i don't want to go to sleep...in the distance you can find the lips from which was sung a melody."
Well, the feelings started to creep up and for once I let them, becuase honestly, distracting myself and not fully realizing how much I miss him--that's not fair. To me or to him.

So final thought: Beneath Medicine Tree=very good cd. Pretty, nice arrangements, thoughtful lyrics, lots of earnest (yet not whiny) vocals...all in all just a great cd. Go buy it.

I need to go to sleep before I fall off the computer chair, but watch for a future post concerning the late night motivations and inadaquacy that I experienced yesterday evening. G'night!


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