I love scarves. This is something I've discovered in the past few weeks. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I keep finding all of these cool ones at Goodwill. Maybe it's how versitile they are--I've been wearing them around my neck, holding my hair back, as a belt...they're just fun. I decided I want a scarf for every color of the rainbow. So far I have red, yellow, and green (plus a few patterned ones). People are going to start thinking I'm strange, wearing these scarves all the time, but then again this comes from a person who wishes she lived in the days where women wore hats and gloves every day. So strange might just be appropriate.

I just pulled in the driveway after dropping off my friends Kate and Julie at their house. We went to see "How to Deal" (yes, the Mandy Moore movie). I've been looking forward to seeing it for two reasons:

1. It's based on two books by one of my favorite authors (Sarah Dessen).
2. I want to cut my hair like Mandy Moore (yes, very pretentious reason to see a movie, I know...)

And you know what? It was good. Nothing life-changing, but then that wasn't exactly to be expected. It was entertaining, and it gave me some new decorating ideas (really! she had the coolest room!). It was just one of those movies that ended and I smiled. It made me want to draw a little more, to finish some of the projects I'm working on...yeah yeah, embrace life and all that good stuff. I'll probably end up buying it sometime if it goes on sale at Walmart. Heh.

I went to see Alien Ant Farm last night. They were real good; they played "Movies" and "Attitude" so I was happy enough with that alone. I liked their newer stuff too, which made the night even better. The frontman cracks me up, he had one of those winter hats with a little bill on it and funky glasses and he does these little hip swaying dances that are hilarious. The lead guitarist kicks his legs in the air randomly and the bass player is one of those big mellow guys that smiles a lot. The bands mantra was apparently, "Be nice to each other!" At least, that's what the lead singer kept repeating once in a while between sets. And we were, Detroit's scene isn't extremely brutal (at least not for shows like that). I had to deal with an extremely annoying shirtless drunk guy standing in front of me, but luckily he didn't elbow me in the face (I'm actually suprised he didn't, he was acting like a lunatic).

The first opening band wasn't bad, but the second one...wow. They called themselves "Die Trying" and darned if I wish they had. They were one of those bands that were cocky as all get out with nothing to back it up. They also felt the need to insert explitives between every other word--the more they talked, the less I liked them. Not necessary. It didn't help that they had three "number one fans" standing right in front of us. We're talking three chunky thirteen-year-olds who screamed (not yelled, screamed) at the top of their ear-splitting lungs every chance they got. Definitley didn't help the band's cause (hah, if they even had one).

All the same, I had a good time--and I got home early enough to rent a Mae West movie. Which I didn't end up watching because I talked to Caleb until 1:40am. But that wasn't exactly much of a sacrifice. :)

Only one more Boring History Class after tonight. I'm excited, I know you are! I still have an hour, so I think I'm going to try to work finishing up some things in my room. Hasta!


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