I really don't know where to begin. Yesterday was a good day. Today--very bad. So what do you want? Good or bad? Well, unfortunately, this entry is not interactive, so you're stuck reading whatever I decide on. And I decide...well, we might as well go in chronological order (and hey, if you really feel the need to see how bad today was, you can just scroll down and read the second part first).

So yesterday was fine. I found out that I got an A in my Boring History Class. Yay! I also discovered that it's going to transfer real quickly, so I don't even have to worry about not getting the Junior meal plan and stuff. I also got to go to this cool little thrift store called "Karma" with my friend Dave. We ate at this teeny tiny little diner on the corner of 10 Mile, with cheesburgers almost as good as the Texas Inn (but not quite). Later, Kate and I went to the mall and wandered around for a while...not much there. Honestly, malls just don't give me much of a thrill anymore. Not to be all "Woo, I'm in college, I'm above your high school mall games" or anything. But dang. These stores are just way too overpriced. Anyways, my night wasn't all that exciting, I ended up going to bed fairly early. Caleb is on vacation this week, which stinks becuase I feel as though my motivation for going online has split in half. No "door opening" sound of him signing onto IM for a while. And so I went to sleep.

Today. Not so good. The day as a whole wasn't even that bad, but it was funnelled into and out of with two not so great things: me being pulled over. Yes, twice. It all started with the bad decision to drop off my transcript-request form before work. Well, I get to MCC and the line is fifty million people long (okay, six). And only one lady working. So I wait, and I wait, and finally I get to the front of the line. In order to simply hand her the form, hear her say, "Thank you" and leave. Yeah, they definitely need to work on getting a drop box.

So that's all well and good, except that I now only have ten minutes to get to work, which is twenty minutes away. Great. So I pull out of the MCC driveway, turn left, stop at the stop sign, and then begin heading down a very short road that leads to a light. I start putting the pedal to the metal, trying to make it to the light and its green left turn arrow. I look down, realize that I'm going 65 mph, and two things happen at once.

  • I think to myself, "Gee, it would stink if I got pulled over right now."
  • I look back up to see a white motorcycle cop pull out behind me and turn his lights on.


    I'll spare you the details in order to say that I got a ticket for going 20 over. And he let me off easy, because I was going wayyy faster than that. Luckily it's only a "civil infraction," but I think I still get points (and of course there's the lovely ticket that we really can't afford to pay right now).

    Because of all that, I ended up being 20 minutes late to work, which I hate. Recently they've been doing tons of construction all around me and I have to leave extra early to even get close to being on time. My manager hasn't made a big deal out of it, but I still hate being late.

    So I get to work and end up having what seems like a zillion customers from the Bad Place. They want rugs. That are underneath all the other rugs. For the sale price. When the sale ended two days ago.

    Finally I got out of there to get my hair cut. That was one of the few pleasant experiences of my day. I was kinda scared, seeing as how I sorta got bangs, and I'd never really had bangs before...but it all turned out well. Expensive, but well. I'm happy with my hair, it looks exactly the way I wanted it, so yay for that.

    I went back to work after the appointment and got the lovely opportunity to re-arrange the front window. Lovely, that is, if you enjoy holding thirty pound mirrors above your head in full focus of the sun's beaming heat.

    Finally, I came home. Thankfully my parents weren't too angry about the ticket, just dissapointed that it's more money that we have to pay. I watched some tv, ate some pizza, and all was well.

    Until Phil came home and we decided to drive to the highway so I could try out my new camera tripod. I drove to the end of our street, stopped, and turned onto 11 mile road. I'm driving along at a nice normal pace, not speeding, being a good girl--when suddenly I see lights behind me.

    "He's not pulling me over, is he?!" I exclaim to Phil. "Maybe it's an ambulance." Thinking that, I pull off to the side. And hear a loud speaker saying, "Please turn on to a side street." Okayyy...I turn onto the side street, all the while shaking my head and saying, "He's not pulling me over. I was not speeding. How can he pull me over when I wasn't even speeding?! I can't believe this is happening to me...."

    The officer comes over to the window and asks for my license and registration. I give it to him, saying meekly, "I"m sorry officer, but I dn't believe I was speeding."

    "Speeding? What about that stop sign you blew by turning onto eleven mile?" I rack my brain...no, I stopped at the stop sign! I know I did! I will swear on my dead great-aunt's poor grave that, darn it, I stopped at that stop sign!

    Well, he takes the liberty of asking if I have a good record.
    "Yes sir," I squeak out.
    "No tickets?" he asks.
    "Only one..." smacking myself on the forehead in my mind.
    "How recently?" he inquires.
    "Um, earlier...." I pause, "today." He nods and is off back to the squad car.

    I sit behind the wheel, pleading with God not to give me another ticket. I've learned my lesson! I wasn't even speeding! And for goodness sake, I stopped at that stop sign!

    He returns, and give me my license back. "I want you to drive safely, okay? Make sure you stop at those stop signs. We don't want you getting run over."
    "Yes sir, officer, thank you." I stutter out.

    And he leaves.

    Thank you Lord!!! I can't even imagine how angry my parents would have been if I got two tickets in one day. I shudder at the thought.

    Well, after that encounter, you can bet Phil and I weren't getting anywhere near the highway to take pictures. We drove home, and now here I am. Heh, I'm surprised I'm not in the Detroit Jail at this point. Thank the Lord.

    All I have to say is, I am now obeying every traffic law to the letter. Heck, I doubt I'll even be making turns on red when it's legal or crossing more than one lane at once. Hellooooo granny drivin'. And thank goodness I'll be outta here in T-minus two weeks.



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