Michigan weather is very strange. It's been threatening to storm for the past two days and now it's just hot. Nasty, sticky, humid hot. At least I'll be spending most of my afternoon inside the a/c. It was actually funny, yesterday the sky was so gray and it was so cold inside work, that looking outside it practically seemed like it would snow. Now that would've been an interesting night.

Work was really draining yesterday, for some reason. That reason probably being that I stayed up late watching Death to Smoochy the night before. Which, I must say, was terribly twisted and cruel...and hilarious. Edward Norton is great, and Robin Williams--well, what really needs to be said there? It's Robin Williams. Anyway, I had to work at ten, so I ended up not getting much sleep. Which is sad, because I had seven hours (of sleep). That's what I normally get while I'm at school--or less--and I'm never that drained. I've been spoiling myself with typical night's sleep of nine or ten hours. Good for my body, bad for when I get back to school.

Church was really good this morning. I went to Lakeside Bible Chapel with my friend Kate. Her brother Bob leads worship and it was just plain good. Simple, with just a guitar and a piano, but sometimes it's nice to get back to simple things. He'd read a passage of scripture between songs, tying them all together and leading right to the message. He really has a heart for God, and it's encouraging to think that he has another job and didn't even go to school for that. I guess it's just a testimony to me showing how well God can use us even if we don't feel as adequate as others.

I'm about to eat my hand off--lunch is almost ready, and we're having cheese bread, italian-marinated grilled chicken breasts, and mashed potatos. I might just die happy. If only I could take some of this good food back to LU with me. :)


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