I am in desparate need of a big huge cd case. I just counted, and I have approximately 83 cds. Not counting the ones at school. Or that I'm about to burn. I currently have 4 cd travel cases, with a maximum capacity of 68 cds. I'm a terrible person, and I have two cds shoved into some of the pockets in my one holder. But dannnnng. I hate those big "binder" type cd cases, but it looks like that's what I need. That, or a portable mini-jukebox. Geez. I keep trying to figure out a way to organize them, but that's hard to do with four different cases. I think when I finally get a stinkin' huge case, I'll do them alphabetically with albums in chronological order (by artist). Because I'm a geek like that.

Mmmm, so this is it. Tomorrow morning we're leaving (bright and early) for Pennsylvania and on Sunday we're going to Ocean City, Maryland. Finally! Beach! And loooots and lots of reading. I don't think I'm bringing my laptop, so don't expect any updates until next Monday or so--and even then, who knows. Things are going to get a little crazy with all the packing for school and stuff. But I'll try. If you care, that is. ;)

I had to go to the dentist today. So I worked another split shift--10:00 to 12:30, and 2:30-7:30. I seriously felt like I was at Pier One for my whole entire day. Not a fun thing. Of course, I did have that break for--what? The Dentist? Oh yeah. Lovely. Okay, so I can't really complain that much...it didn't hurt at all, I just got two of my bicuspids sealed (I really don't know much about it, except it prevents cavities). Woo.

Is it bad that we're leaving at 4 am and I have yet to begin packing? At all? Maybe I should work on that...I'm currently in the proccess of downloading pretty much every Death Cab for Cutie album and EP (except "You Can Play These Songs With Chords", cuz Caleb has that). I was only going to do "The Photo Album", but I accidentally got songs from other cds and then...well, it snowballed. So I'm sitting here cursing at my WinMX (literally, "Curse you WinMX! Be faster, be faster!") as I wait for my stupid 56k Cable modem to work.

I love the internet.


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